IJSMS Volume - 6 Issue - 6 November to December 2023
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
The Evidence of Biochemical Similarities, Molecular Similarities, Modern (Contemporary) Evidence, and Vestigial Organs are Opposite to Darwin’s Theory

Authors : Md. Abdul Ahad
Integration of Virtual Laboratories in eLearning: Enhancing Science Education amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors : Thessa Grace C. Abao, Earl Lyndon G. Caballero, Gwynn Roland, JR. G. Cantery, Charena Mae L. Tabigue, Iris April L. Ramirez
The Influence of Perceived Price, Product Quality and Service Quality towards KFC Consumer Satisfaction in Indonesia

Authors : Charly Hongdiyanto, Teman Koesmono, Dyna Rachmawati
The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria: An Empirical Study

Authors : Azeez Olayemi Kazeem, Pei Yu, Azeez Olalekan Abeeb
Instructional Readiness and Stress Level of Special Education Teachers on Blended Learning Approach during COVID-19: Implications for Post-Pandemic

Authors : Cara Elijah G. Esternon, Jaypee R. Lopres, Bernadette L. Gomez, Greatchie M. Lopres, Gleiza Marie P. Pilapil, Winston N. Ramirez, Rachel M. Anjao, Catherine F. Apatan
The Effects of Digital Learning on 21st Century Skills of Grade 10 Learners in Physics

Authors : Symphany Dawn D. Mangubat, Iris April L. Ramirez