IJSMS Volume - 6 Issue - 5 September to October 2023
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
The Effects of Sawdust of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) to Seed Germination of Papaya (Carica papaya)

Authors : Marilyn B. Areola, Lesley C. Lubos, QuiniGine W. Areola
Transition from E-Commerce to M-Commerce: A SWOT Analysis

Authors : Hemant Trivedi, Shashi Sanchiher
The Extent to which Can Intellectual Capital and its Positive Advantages Achieve Economic, Social and Industrial Progress for Iraqi Establishments Field Study in the MARABA Al Iraq Al Ghadhra Company

Authors : P.D. Munir shaker Mohamad, Ali Syed Kadhum Al Battat
Assessing Students’ Perspective towards Language and Culture on a Multicultural Basis

Authors : Arlene A. Castillo, Harry F. Carley, III, Gergie A. Ambato
Increase Corporate Entrepreneurship on Family Businesses by Combining Moderator and Control Variables

Authors : Irene Angelin, Gracia Ongkowijoyo, Charly Hongdiyanto, Wendra Hartono
The Impact of Timber Export on Economic Growth in Sierra Leone

Authors : Dr. Ibrahim Dumbuya, Alhaji Hassan Kanu, Emmanuel Jam Kamara
The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Sierra Leone

Authors : Dr Ibrahim Dumbuya,Emmanuel Jam Kamara, Alhaji Hassan Kanu