Transition from E-Commerce to M-Commerce: A SWOT Analysis

International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS)
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Volume-6 Issue-5
Year of Publication : 2023
Authors : Hemant Trivedi, Shashi Sanchiher
DOI: 10.51386/25815946/ijsms-v6i5p102
MLA Style: Hemant Trivedi, Shashi Sanchiher "Transition from E-Commerce to M-Commerce: A SWOT Analysis " International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS) V6.I5 (2023): 7-18.

APA Style: Hemant Trivedi, Shashi Sanchiher, Transition from E-Commerce to M-Commerce: A SWOT Analysis , International Journal of Science and Management Studies (IJSMS), v6(i5), 7-18.
With the development and advancement of information and communication technology, a new way of doing business has opened up which is called e-commerce. e-Commerce was there for quite a long time but now m-commerce is taking its place which is made possible by the combination of the internet and the invention of the smartphone. In this research, authors attempted to identify trends in the transition from e-commerce to m-commerce and identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of m-Commerce. The findings of this article may help the stakeholders of the industry to see the opportunities and future trends available to them. This paper also makes them aware of threats in using this system so that an ecosystem can be developed that will be less risky and more beneficial to its users.
Keywords: e-Commerce, m-commerce, smartphones, e-tailers, information, technology, digital, internet, strengths, weakness, opportunity, threats.
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