IJSMS Volume - 2 Issue - 5 September to October 2019
S.No Title / Author Name Page No
1 A Synthesis of i-READR Reading Intervention in the lives of Struggling Readers

Authors : Jose G. Tan, Jr., Michael B. Dodongan, Donna G. Magallanes, Jocelyn A. Matildo, Grace O. Elipian, Mildin J. Retutas
2 A Review of Existing Literature on Sustainability, Mission Drift and Loan Defaults

Authors : Dr.Kashif Beg
3 Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Bagasse and Jute Fibre for Heavy Metal Adsorption

Authors : Md. Shazzad Hossain, Farzana Khan Rony, Sazia Sultana, Md.Humayun Kabir, Sumaya F. Kabir, Samina Ahmed
4 Significance of Employee Engagement and Individual Well-Being on Organisational Performance in Nigeria

Authors : Olatunji David Adekoya, Ibrahim Jimoh, Gideon Okorie, Monisola Olajide
5 The Significance of Organizational Culture and Leadership Behaviour on Organizational Success

Authors : Olatunji David Adekoya, Ibrahim Jimoh, Monisola Olajide, Femi Olawoyin
6 Skill Gap amongst MBA Graduates

Authors : Prof.Prajakta Dhuru, Dr. S. Ramachandran
7 Agronomic Response of Sweet Corn (Zea mays L. var. rogusa) to Fermented Agar-agar (Eucheuma cottonii) and Methods of Application

Authors : Jeffrey P. Villaver, Elmierose Agan
8 Survey Paper on Opinion Mining - Online Reviews

Authors : S. Susmitha, A. Syedrabiya, Mrs. N. Sathyapriya
9 Influence of Price and Distributive Fairness on Micro Finance Customers’ Relationship Commitment: PLS-SEM Analysis

Authors : Dr. Shaikh Rafiqul Islam