IJSMS Volume - 4 Issue - 1 January to February 2021
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
The role of Fiscal Institutional Context on primary balance. A case study for European country groups with cultural differences

Authors : Dimitra Mitsi
Determination of Work Motivation, Organizational Culture and Transformational Leadership in Improving Innovativeness of a Regional Government Employees

Authors : Apid Junaedi, Widodo Sunaryo, Didik Notosudjono
Enhancing the Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Comparative Research and Ex-Post-Facto Method on Generation X and Generation Y

Authors : Indra Wahyu, Anoesyirwan Moeins, Widodo Sunaryo
The Role of Halal Awareness on Purchase Intention of Halal Food: Evidence from Indonesian Working Students

Authors : Dewiana Novitasari, Gusli Chidir, Didi Sutardi, Joni Iskandar, Erni Taruli Pebrina
Work-Family Conflict among Employees: What is the Role of Religiosity on Job Satisfaction and Performance

Authors : Fatrilia Rasyi Radita, Whan Augustin Ainul Amri, Nana Supiana, Ipang Sasono, Tias Pramono, Dewiana Novitasari, Gusli Chidir, Sri Wahyuni Asnaini
Issues in separating Chairman and CEO/MD roles in Family Firms: Evidence from India’s SEBI reform

Authors : Guragain, Laxmi Narayan
Performance Measurement of Palm Sugar Business using the Integration of Supply Chain Operation Reference (SCOR) and Objective Matrix (OMAX)

Authors : Adelia Caroline, Makkarennu, Syahidah
Assessments of the Challenges of Hydrography and Accuracy of the Chart Information Based on Requirements on Nautical Charts in Tanzania

Authors : Joel Michael Ojode, Bian Hogwei
Consumer Perception on Organic Products: A Study on the Select Products of Patanjali Ayurveda Limited

Authors : Dr. V. Krishnamohan, Ch.S.S.S.Kumar
Impact of Microfinance on Entrepreneurs in Afghanistan: An Analysis of Selected Cases

Authors : Chandrashekhar.R, Azizuddin Sultani
Heavy Metals Analysis and Phytochemicals Screening Of Indian Bamboo Sap (Bambusa Vulgaris) from Ikot Osurua, Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State Nigeria

Authors : Jonah, A. E., Etim, I. G., Okon, O. E