IJSMS Volume - 5 Issue - 4 No - 1 July to August 2022
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
Health and Happiness: The Upshot of Recreational Activities for Elderly People

Authors : Fadare A.Stephen, Isong, Loury Mae, Montalban, G.Kharen,Langco, L.Aisa, Paclibar, LKen
The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Repurchase Intention with Brand Attitude, Brand Credibility, and Brand Image as Intervening Variables in MS Glow Products

Authors : Hudi Fabian, Indira Rachmawati
The Analysis of Factors Affecting Rattan Investment in East Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi: A Case Study in Indonesia

Authors : A.Satriadi Asnur, Ridwan, Syamsu Alam
Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility using Quantitative Multivariate Prediction Models in Jenelata Sub-Watershed, Jeneberang Watershed South Sulawesi Indonesia

Authors : Nugrahwati Abbas, Usman Arsyad, Baharuddin, Andang Suryana Soma
Barriers and Opportunities for Physical Activities: A Way Forward for Pregnant Individual

Authors : Fadare A.Stephen, Del Puerto A. Levi, Lambaco P. Ermalyn, Masul A. Shaina Lyn
Social Cognitive Development on the Implementation of Student Manual in a Higher Education Institution: A Literature Review

Authors : Tinapay, Ariel O., Tirol, Shiela L.
Effect of Learners’ Level of Motivation in Developing Their Study Habits Amid the Pandemic

Authors : Gilbert Carredo, Mark Jones Delgado, Floriza Dragas, Anjela Mae Rasco, Lloyd Matthew Derasin
Indoor Location Based Navigation

Authors : Dr. K.S.R. Radhika, Venkata Sai Sri Surya Nudurupati, Mohd. Sofi, Pole Sindhu, N. Karthikeya
The Correlation between Magnesium and HbA1C in type Two Diabetes

Authors : Wassan Mhammed Husain, Reyam Essam Ahmed
The Situation and Some Solutions to Enhance the Quality of Physical Education for Students of Tan Trao University

Authors : Phung Quang Phat
General Fitness Status of First Year Female Students of Tan Trao University

Authors : Luc Hung Quoc
The Performance Measurement Instrument of Forest Management Units in KPHP Unit XVI Jeneberang I Work Area, South Sulawesi: A Case Study in Indonesia

Authors : Sam Suriyani, Ridwan, Makkarennu
Factors Affecting the Intensity of the Use of Medicinal Plants in Minasatene Resort, Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park, South Sulawesi: A Case Study in Indonesia

Authors : Iin Pertiwi A. Husaini, RismaIlla Maulany, Ngakan Putu Oka
Lived Experiences of Cebuano LET Topnotchers: A Phenomenological Study

Authors : Vincent C. Bayawa, Freeland Echavez, Maria Fe Corazon Degula, Lloyd Matthew C. Derasin
Collaboration between English Teacher and Specialized Teacher Solutions to Increase Efficiency and Improve the Quality of Teaching Our Specialized

Authors : Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, Tran Thi Thuy Lan
The Effect of Proportion, Ownership, and Size of the Board of Commissioners on the Level of Accounting Conservatism

Authors : Audrey M. Siahaan, Dame R. Saragi, Danri T Siboro, Victor H. Sianipar
EFL Teachers’ Perception of Implementation of Mind-Mapping for Enhancing Learning Engagement

Authors : Nguyen Thi Truc Ly
The Impact of Scaffolding Strategies on Speaking Performance: EFL Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices

Authors : Tran Le Quoc Bao, Luu Nguyen Quoc Hung
Status and Extent of Alternative Learning System (ALS) Implementation: Bases for the Development of an Enhanced District-Wide Educational Model

Authors : Dr. Jaspare V. Barrido
ImportanteBuhi (What Matters, I’m Alive!): Visayan Catch Phrase and Its Implications after Typhoon Odette

Authors : Mervin Q. Reyes, Athena Ampit, Kristine Almirante, Gilbert Carredo, Carylle Gomatay, Vena Labiano, Andrea Omamalin, Michael Sulit