IJSMS Volume - 6 Issue - 3 May to June 2023
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
Diversity of Flora Adjacent to Historical Sites in Trung Yen Commune, Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province

Authors : Do Cong Ba
Environmental Quality of Lake Mainit as a Habitat of Indigenous Goby, Glossogobius giuris (Hamilton, 1882) in Northeastern Mindanao, Philippinese

Authors : Sonnie A. Vedra, Elnor C. Roa, Jeanette J. Samson, Ruth D. Gaid, Rey L. Roa, Rustan C. Eballe, Geralyn D. Dela Peña, Marissa Y. Salarda, Michael James O. Baclayon, and Melchor R. Rigor
A Paper Review on Rice Farming Practices towards Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability in the Philippines

Authors : Oliver Daniel J. Vicente, Rafael J. Vicente, Sonnie A. Vedra
Does Rural Micro Enterprises really grow? Evidence from Growth patterns of the Nonfarm Micro Manufacturing Enterprises in Rural Tanzania

Authors : John Gwanyemba
Eating Habits and Level of Participation in Recreational Activities of Public High School Students

Authors : Gizelle M. Penuti, Mheriam Mae V. Suico, Anna Laurice M. Pinoc, Kyra Mae C. Tampus, Lloyd Matthew C. Derasin
Home-Based Enterprises and Urban Neighbourhood Mobility

Authors : Nkeiru Hope Ezeadichie
Insights of High School Students in Learning Folk Dance during Physical Education Classes

Authors : Mary Grace V. Adolfo, Charlene V. Belocura, Elena V. Beltran, Lloyd Matthew C. Derasin
The Influence of Internal and Macroeconomic Factors on Credit Risk of Conventional Banks Listed on the IDX

Authors : Dhifa Defrani Anantiputeri, Wianda Wahyuning Azizah, Farah Margaretha Leon
The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on the Psychological Empowerment of Women Working in non-Government Organizations in Jordan

Authors : Hiba Mustafa Ali Kasawnah, Mohammed Ta’amneh
The Impact of Business Intelligence Systems on Continuous Improvement at Qatari Banks

Authors : Aram Mohammad Nayef Obeidat
Mobile Phone Dependence among Junior High School Students in Public Schools in the Philippines

Authors : Portia Mae M. Ortiz, Leah V. Tagayong, Lloyd Matthew C. Derasin
The Influence of Job Characteristics and Coworker Support on Organizational Commitment in Startup Employees with Work Meaningfulness as an Intervening Variable

Authors : Ahmad Rizky Setiawan, I Ketut R Sudiarditha, Widya Parimita
The Significance of Kirim in Maguing, Lanao del Sur

Authors : Olomodin M. Mocsir
Physical Education in University Access to the Ideas of Elementary Education

Authors : Phung Quang Phat
The Nexus between Savings Gap, Foreign Exchange Gap, and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into Asia: Two Gap Model Analysis with Panel Data Approach

Authors : Piyali Roy Chowdhury, Anuradha A
Probiotic Research on Agricultural Products with Organic Ingredients in Yen Son District-Tuyen Quang Province

Authors : Hoang Thi Thu Hoan
Behind Locked Doors: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Persons Deprived of Liberty in Detention and Correctional Facilities

Authors : Jiffrey B. Saguran, Jenny C. Cano, Elvira P. Llantos, Jimson E. Esnardo, Alben C. Banac, Melina G. Gabon, Arturo A. Tagle
Assessment of Psychological Trauma among the Female Adolescents under the Care of One Shelter- Cebu

Authors : Mariquita L. Boligol, Roxanne B. Glipa, Vena Samantha J. Labiano, Krys Ellaisa F. Grava, Khristine T. Almirante
Equity Valuation using Free Cash Flow to Equity on IDX30 Index for 2022 to 2026 Period Projection

Authors : Alvin Pratama, Dyah Shinta Kusumaningtyas
The Effects of Play-Based Literacy on the Reading Readiness of Grade One Students

Authors : Claudette Colinares, Lloyd Matthew C. Derasin
Effect of Inquiry-based learning approach on the students’ performance in Physics

Authors : Leemar T. Jacalan, Arlene A. Castillo
Implementation of Marketing Mix Strategy in Increasing Cashew Sales

Authors : Patwayati, Yusuf