IJSMS Volume - 6 Issue - 4 July to August 2023
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
The Impact of Infographics on EFL Adolescent Learners’ Vocabulary Retention

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
Creating Connections of Support: Assessing the Critical Role of Family Conflict and Involvement in Special Education Programs

Authors : Miljen Kate Beduya, Dionmel Georpe, Jynn Kollyn Yntig, Lloyd Matthew Derasin
Speaking Anxiety of Non-English Major Teachers in an ESL School Setting: A Descriptive Correlational Study

Authors : Gezel H. Etulle, Rossrica P. Velez, Jessa Mae S. Salandron, Shelley Jade C. Bustillo, Lloyd Matthew Derasin
Perceived Factors that Influence Instructors’ Use of Web-based Instruction in the Information Technology Programs

Authors : Flordeline A. Cadeliña
Positive Organizational Psychology – a New Lens to Answer Questions Regarding Employee Strengths, Foster Resilience and Healing to the Work Environment

Authors : Kala Sneha
Species Account and Diversity of Indigenous Medicinal Plants in Rogongon, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte

Authors : Marilyn B. Areola, Iris April L. Ramirez, Quini Gine W. Areola
Vietnamese EFL Students’ Perceptions and Self-reported Use of Lexical Inferencing in L2 Reading

Authors : Mai Ngoc Yen
Ageing and Economic Growth: A Literature Review

Authors : Dimitra Mitsi
An Analysis to Understand the Marketing Activities of Culinary SMEs using CRM Approach (Study in Antapani Kidul Bandung, Indonesia)

Authors : Erzza Mahardi Dwi Putri, Kristina Sisilia, Ichwanul Muslim Karo-Karo
Vietnamese EFL Students’ Willingness to Communicate in EFL Classes

Authors : Lam Thi My Duyen
The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Repurchase Intention: An Empirical Study in the Refill Perfume Shop

Authors : Sunya Herawati, Mohamad Rizan, Usep Suhud
Determinant of Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) in Indonesia

Authors : Wulan Sari, Adler Haymans Manurung, Bahtiar Usman
The Role Competitive Advantage in Moderating the Effect of Human Resources and Technology Competence on the Sustainability of Laundry SMEs in Denpasar

Authors : I Made Pulawan, Dewa Ayu Putu Nitiwidari
Analysis of Factors Impacting the Improvement of Health Security in Benin

Authors : André Houndjo
Unemployment and Economic Growth: An In-depth Analysis

Authors : Dimitra Mitsi
Exploring the Impact of GeoGebra on Mathematical Proficiency and Inductive Reasoning Ability in Geometry Students of MSU N – Integrated Developmental School

Authors : Ruela D. Villaroza, Rex C. Villaroza, Jan Cleo D. Canoy, Eden Rose N. Macalong, Wenceslao A. Coronado
The Influence of Work Environment and Job Promotion on Job Satisfaction with Career Development as an Intervening Variable among Employees of PT Binayasa Karya Pratama in the DKI Jakarta Area Branch

Authors : Ayunda Krisna Virgyani, I Ketut R Sudiarditha, Siti Nurjanah
The Role of Social Media Marketing in Strengthening Repurchase Intention: Green Marketing Practices for Vegan Skin Care Products

Authors : Tsalitsa Aeni Khaya, Mohamad Rizan, Usep Suhud
An Insecticidal Potential of Leaves Extract of Flame Tree Brachychiton sp.

Authors : Marilyn B. Areola, QuiniGine W. Areola
Seafarers' Perception on Maritime English Utilization on Board

Authors : Iris Q. Heslop
For instructing the Accounting and Finance - Currency module to large classes of students, case studies will be used

Authors : Tran Huong Giang
The Influence of Social Media Marketing Elements on Brand Engagement and Brand Knowledge on Indokids Baby & Kid Mart

Authors : Marsya Rifta Assyifa, Maya Ariyanti
A Phenomenological Study of the Experiences of Front Liner Police Officers Infected with Covid-19

Authors : Jiffrey B. Saguran
The Effect of Task-Based Language Teaching on Grammar of EFL Adolescent Learners

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
Influences of Fertilization to Selected Economically Important Palms on the Preference of Scale Insect (Aspidiotus Rigidus Reyne)

Authors : Lourdes B. Tayrus, Mark Joseph J. Buncag, Willie P. Abasolo