IJSMS Volume - 7 Issue - 1 January to February 2024
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
Work Culture and Transformation Leadership through Job Promotion and Its Impact on Job Satisfaction in Bungur Jakarta Public Elementary School

Authors : Panca Hastarini, I Ketut R Sudiarditha, Christian Wiradendi Wolor
Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention of the Senior High School Students

Authors : Jojames Arnaldo G. Gaddi, Izzy Marie A. Osorio, Alyssa E. Geotina, Sienna F. Plaza, Emadel Mae R. Orillaneda, Joeve M. Alentajan, Jinky C. Maarat
Six Thinking Hats as Learning Strategy on the Performance in Integrated Science of Grade 7 Students

Authors : Joy Maya P. Lagra, Sittie Faizah M. Cotongan, Arlene A.Castillo
Auction Web Application with Neural Style Transfer Technology

Authors : Vinisha Gladys Belshi J, Ramya G, Yuvarani M
Vietnamese EFL Learners’ Production of English Lexical Stress

Authors : Le Thi Diem Lan
The Economic Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Product to the Community Income: A Case of Community Forest in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Authors : Makkarennu, Syamsu Alam, Wulan Maghfirah
Controlling Screen Time for Children

Authors : Vijayalakshmi S, Nithya Sri D, Swetha A
The Evolution and spurt in Greenfield Airports in India and their implications

Authors : N. Nagraj, Dr. R. Satish Kumar, V.V. Subrahmanyam
Safe Drip – IOT Empowered Saline Monitoring and Reversal Prevention

Authors : Vinisha Gladys Belshi.J, Jaison Samuel D, Manoj D
Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing

Authors : Chinedu Chukwuemeka Mazi, Ogechi Ifeoma Anya, Andrew Chinonso Nwanakwaugwu, Gregory Anichebe
Driver Drowsiness Detection System

Authors : Mythili S, Fyzil Kani M Y, Sameer Ahamed S, Shaik Salman
Teaching Commitment Distinctive: Avenue to Professional Development

Authors : Trina B. Cañeda
Visual Questioner using Bert Transformer

Authors : Dr.Visu P, Surya Narayanan K, Syed Nafeez Ahmed A, Aravind Kumar S
Violence Detection using Deep Learning

Authors : Mrs.P.V. Rajasuganya, Mr.Sabarivasan M.K, Mr.Tharun Eshwar S
Personal Growth and Habit Tracking

Authors : Mrs A Prema, Mehasree R, Harini M
The Role of Organic Agriculture in Poverty Alleviation in Southern Philippines

Authors : Colt Ian U. Del Castillo
Socio-demographic Influences to Ethnobotanical Knowledge among the Residents of Mt. Kitanglay at Initao, Misamis Oriental

Authors : Michael James O. Baclayon, Ramon Francisco Q. Padilla, Hannah Marielle V. Sindayen, Jeanbee D. Gutierrez, Magdalena D. Dulay, Aida D. Perpetua, Sonnie A. Vedra
Spatio-temporal Distribution of Plankton in Lake Mainit, Northeastern Mindanao, Philippines

Authors : Sonnie A. Vedra, Elnor C. Roa, Jeanette J. Samson, Ruth D. Gaid, Rey L. Roa, Rustan C. Eballe, Geralyn D. Dela Peña, Marissa Y. Salarda, Michael James O. Baclayon, Melchor R. Rigor
An Examination of Teaching Methods for Grammar Instruction in Young Learners: A Comprehensive Review

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
AI Conversational Specialist: Crafting a Purpose - Driven Chatbot

Authors : Mrs. S. Saranya, Arish S, Akilraj N
Vietnamese University Students’ Perceptions in Learning English Using ChatGPT

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
Learning Style and Reading Performance of Grade 8 Students

Authors : Josephine A. Paypa, Precious Melodyfair R. Miranda, Emmylou A. Emperador
Green Banking: Awareness of Customers in Environmental Protection

Authors : Dr. M.Yasmin, Dr. Fayaz Ahamed
Analysis of Community Institutions in the Management of KPHP Awota: A Case Study in Indonesia

Authors : Hasanuddin, Hikmah, Nirwana, Irma Sribianti, Yusran, Daud Malamassam, Supratman, Mukrimin, Andi Mawaddah Zakiyah
A Literature Review: Consumer Skepticism Towards Advertising: Unraveling Complex Dynamics

Authors : Amit Kumar, Dr. Mahesh Chandra
A Case Study on Climate and Disaster Risks at Gitagum, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Authors : Edwin Farillon, Michael James O. Baclayon, Ramon Francisco Q. Padilla, Hannah Marielle V. Sindayen, Magdalena D. Dulay, Gleven Jay V. Laraño, Jeanbee D. Gutierrez, Marson Andrei A. Dapanas, Jessa V. Clapano, Romeo P. Depositario, Mark Anthony T. Maña, April Joy N. Montejo, Sonnie A. Vedra
Perceptions of University Students Regarding the Implementation of Translation as a Teaching Strategy

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
Vinsers’ Tales: A Phenomenological Study on Motivation, Attitude and Self-Efficacy in ESL Learning of Selected Grade 11 Learners

Authors : Nguyễn Đình Nam, Abelgas Erica Mae Labang, Nguyễn Huy Phương, Esmero John Kim Panilaga, Lưu Phạm Hồng Phúc, Trần Đức Long, Nguyễn Gia Khánh
Vinsers’ Reviews: A Content Analysis of Selected Tiktok Videos with #Health

Authors : Phan Hoàng Tùng, Đỗ Chí Hải, Nguyễn Minh Khuê, Bùi Nhật Anh, Abelgas Erica Mae Labang, Esmero John Kim Panilaga
Vinsers’ Initiatives: Perceptions on the use of AI in ESL Learning among Selected Grade 11 Learners

Authors : Phạm Trần Yên Đan, Esmero John Kim Panilaga, Lê Hà Thiên Ngân, Abelgas Erica Mae Labang, Hoàng Hương Giang, Lê Xuân Ngọc Trang
Non-Cognitive Skills as Correlates to Academic Performance among Senior High School Students

Authors : Divina O. Rulida, Jenny C. Cano, Glenn R. Andrin
Navigating Agile: Revolutionizing Banking in Honduras

Authors : Dr Rachel John Robinson, Fredy Montoya
The Role of Women Involvement in Healthcare Sector and its Impact on Their Socioeconomic Development in Kabul, Afghanistan

Authors : Ahmad Yasir Rasoolyar, Y.Muni Raju
Moderating Effect of Leaders’ Gender on the Relationship between Leadership Practices and Perceived Levels of Corruption inthe Procurement Department inthe Judiciary of Kenya

Authors : Victor W. Ndururu
Farm Rent - A Platform Connecting Farmers with Affordable Farming Equipments

Authors : Mrs.M.Priya, Ms.Subalakshmia, Ms.Sharmilasekard