IJSMS Volume - 7 Issue - 2 March to April 2024
  Title / Author Name Ref. No
An Investigation of the Difficulties in Academic Writing with the First-year English-majored Students: The Case of a University in Vietnam

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
Debt Sustainability in Europe: An Analysis of Challenges and Policy Implications

Authors : Dimitra Mitsi
Developing Critical Thinking Skills among Freshmen Students in a State University

Authors : Annalene Grace E. Co
The Influence of Statistical Developments on Accounting Practices an inductive study on reality of Basra Companies Practices

Authors : P.D. Munir Shaker Mohamad, A.P.D. Maani Al-Hakeem
Impact of the Petroleum Tax System in Norway on the evolution of money market and bond yields. Considerations from the “atypical” year 2022

Authors : Andreea OPREA
Examining the Impact of Gamification on English Language Instruction: A Literature Review

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
The Mediating Role of Credibility and Satisfaction in Social Media Recruitment Outcomes

Authors : Heslie Ree P. Pontillo, Valerie Anne Rose Q. Pontillo, Felix D. Villaluz II, Renyboy T. Nazareno, Karish Lou A. Beduya, Flexi Shie G. Cruz, Rodolfo B. Trinidad
Advantages and Barriers in Online ESL Learning Environment: A Review of Literature

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
The Effect of Non Performing Loan, Agency Cost, Good Corporate Governance, and Credit Policy to Bank Profitability

Authors : Elisabeth Hartanto, Bahtiar Usman, Henny Setyo Lestari, Matrodji Mustafa
Response of Students to K-12 Program Implementation Using Dropout Rates as Basis in Secondary Schools in Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte

Authors : Mary Luz E. Baroro, Aida D. Perpetua, Rodolfo B. Trinidad, Joel S. Pardillo, Sonnie A. Vedra
Students Perspectives on Environmental Waste Problems in Schools of Iligan City, Philippines

Authors : Jennifer A. Magdugo, Aida D. Perpetua, Rodolfo B. Trinidad, Joel S. Pardillo, Sonnie A. Vedra
Potential Relationship of Socio-Economic Status and Multiple Intelligences to the Academic Performance of the Students in Iligan City as Affected by Typhoon Washi

Authors : Diesebil L. Obina, Aida D. Perpetua, Rodolfo B. Trinidad, Joel S. Pardillo, Sonnie A. Vedra
Women’s Role in Local Governance and Development in Mindanao, Philippines: Views and Challenges

Authors : Joy C. Calva
Implementation and Effectiveness of Philippine National Police (PNP) Mandatory Trainings: Their Influence to the Performance of Personnel

Authors : Harold John P. Pastrana, Erly M. Martir
The Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Knowledge Management (KM) on Corporate Performance through the Corporate Competitiveness (Case Study of PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero))

Authors : Satria Gunawan, Agung Wahyu Handaru, Indra Pahala
Análisis de los desafíos enfrentados por las Mipymes de servicios de alimentos y bebidas de Tepexi de Rodríguez, Puebla en la adopción de tecnologías digitales

Authors : José Manuel Huerta Alvarado, Edgardo Roldán Y Tovar, Claudia Domínguez Olmos, Lizbeth Mazariego Pérez
Analysis of the Influence of Winner-Loser Portfolio and Optimal Portfolio on Prior Capital Market Performance and during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors : Mega Vieri, Farah Margaretha Leon, Bahtiar Usman, Matrodji Mustafa
Water Ferns (Salvinia) as Oil Spill Sorbent

Authors : Kurt Yohan S. Catulay, Deanne Lorraine E. Salas, Summer Halle C. Basco, Romalyn C. Garcia
The Role of Higher Education to Contribute and Supporting the Achievement of the 4th Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7(Study on “Project Socio Ecopreneur-ship" Telkom University Master of Management)

Authors : Andi Achmad Irfa, Ratna Lindawati Lubis
Customers’ Satisfaction: Predictor of Loyalty among Guests of Beach Resorts in Misamis Oriental

Authors : Madhel Rose C. Quitoriano, Lily France J. Echavez, Anthony Ly B. Dagang
Implementation of Face-to-Face Classes, Teachers’ Effectiveness and Coping Strategies

Authors : Cesar T. Ledesma, Jr., Wilson F. Tosino, Erly M. Martir
School’s Readiness, Integration and Technical Support to Digital Transformation

Authors : Wilfermina Castillo Gapoy-Landicho, Erly M. Martir
Restaurants’ Attributes Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty

Authors : Anthony Y. Española, Anelyn A. Janaban, Erly M. Martir
Turkey’s Policy toward Iraq since the First Gulf War a Power Balancing Approach

Authors : Aso M. Ali
English-majored Students’ Problems in Listening Comprehension: The Case of a University in Vietnam

Authors : Lam Ky Nhan
The Impact of Principal on Teacher Motivation in Secondary Schools

Authors : Amizur Nachshoni
Hotels’ Global Standard Practices, Service Delivery, and Guests’ Satisfaction

Authors : Johanna Grace G. Javellana, Anelyn A. Janaban, Erly M. Martir